Thursday, November 15, 2007

A Preview of Things to Come...

Welcome to WYSIWYB. Here's a brief overview of what you can expect to see here in the coming months...

To kick things off, I'll be doing a complete do-over of the "A World without Walls or Fences" series I began on Facebook back in September, which is a beginner's guide to installing and using Linux on a personal computer. I've had quite a few interruptions since I started the series, so I'm starting over to make it more cohesive and comprehensive. I'll be discussing the shiny new version of the Ubuntu distribution of Linux, "Gutsy Gibbon", and will include plenty of tips and tricks for installing and customizing Linux that Brian P. and I have picked up in the last few weeks. If Vista's security alerts are giving you carpal tunnel, if you're not quite convinced that a Mac is really worth the extra $500 or $1000 on the price tag, or if you're just curious about the not-so-geeky world of Linux desktop computing, stay tuned.

Also, with less than a year until the election, the 2008 presidential campaign is now in full swing. I foresee quite a few politically themed articles in the coming days, both serious and satirical. I've already come across quite a few juicy links and videos that all responsible, informed voters (with a healthy sense of humor) should see before casting their ballots next November.

Finally, the miscellanea... As I'm nearing the end of my last semester as a graduate student (sort of), I may very well post a few articles about my experiences away from the safe harbor of academia. And it's a near certainty that you'll be subjected to rants and musings about life's absurdities or little injustices, comments and reviews of the latest books I've read and movies I've recently downloaded seen, and links to all manner of weird and wonderful things found on the Web (many of them likely to be brought to my attention by the "Wizard of What???", Jamie J.).

So keep watching this spot. You might see something you like. And just to get the ball rolling, here are a few choice videos for your edification and enjoyment!

[EDIT: Videos moved to the "Politics" playlist of the Video Player.]

Check back later for more political eye-candy!

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